A young man was killed by shooting at a vehicle near Jenin

On Tuesday evening, a young man was killed when Israeli occupation forces opened fire on a vehicle he was driving between the settlement areas of Mevo Dotan and Ainaf near Jenin in the northern West Bank.

According to an Army of Occupation Radio correspondent, the martyr was Hikmat Abdel Aziz, 25, from the village of Marka.

According to The Hebrew Website, Abdel Aziz was killed after his vehicle was burned by direct fire by Israeli soldiers after he tried to run them over at the scene.

According to the Hebrew website Yediot Aharonot, his charred body was found inside the vehicle, and an ISRAELI ARMY RADIO reporter reported that two soldiers were slightly injured at the scene.

Lawyer Rami Abdel Aziz, a relative of the martyr, said that the occupying forces summoned the father of the Pentecostal martyr Abdel Aziz Mohammed Abdel Aziz and a number of his relatives from the village of Marka to dothan military checkpoint to diagnose the body of the martyr, explaining that the Israeli intelligence officer telephoned him and asked him to come to the scene of the event, to identify the body after rumors spread that his son Hikmat Abdul Aziz Mohammed is the martyr.

The soldiers reportedly did not allow him to see the body as it was burned, but the intelligence officer informed him that the martyr was his son Hikmat and refused to hand him over.

Our correspondent said that the occupying forces returned Palestinian ambulances and prevented them from reaching the scene of the incident, which remains closed.

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