The occupation arrests three children and one of Al-Aqsa guards, and assaults the mother of the prisoner Al-Issawi

 The Israeli occupation forces arrested, on Tuesday afternoon, three children and one of the guards of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Our correspondent reported that the occupation forces arrested the children, Amir al-Bazlamit, Amir al-Salaymeh, and Hamza al-Jabari, and their ages ranged between (12-13 years) from Ras al-Amud and Silwan, south of Al-Aqsa Mosque, because they raised the Palestinian flag near the Dome of the Rock.

The occupation forces arrested the guard of Al-Aqsa Mosque, Fadi Elyan, after he was severely beaten at Hatta Gate, one of the gates of Al-Aqsa Mosque . They also stormed his house in the town of Al-Isawiya and tampered with its contents.

The occupation forces also assaulted the mother of the captive, Medhat Al-Issawi, during the storming of his house in his town of Al-Isawiya, northeast of Al-Aqsa Mosque, and conducted extensive searches and destroyed its contents.

It is reported that the prisoner Al-Issawi was released from captivity only 4 months ago, and the occupation authorities re-arrested him days ago

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