Settlers break into a house in Qaryut and harass its people

 Settlers attacked a citizen and his wife, at dawn on Friday, after storming their home located on the eastern outskirts of Qaryut town in Nablus, near the “Shilo” settlement.

Samiha Ghafari reported that they heard the sound of knocking on the door of their house at around two o’clock in the morning, so her husband (Wael Moqbel) went to the window to check the matter, and when he was sprayed with pepper gas, then the settlers broke into the house and sprayed pepper gas on her face and took her husband out of the house and then began to assault him with batons.

She explained, that she hid in her room and closed the door and started screaming from the window, asking for help from the townspeople, while the settlers continued to attack her husband until he lost consciousness, and they also destroyed the contents of the house, the family vehicle and its own “tractor” in addition to the property surrounding the house.

Later, Wael and Samiha were transferred to Rafidia Hospital, where it was found that he had four fractures in the chest, a bulge in the eye, and bruises and bruises all over his body.

According to local sources, last night, the settlers carried out several attacks on the houses of East Qaryut, and the attacks targeted the vehicles of the owners of these houses.

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