27 detainees in the West Bank

Today, Monday, the occupation forces launched a massive arrest campaign in separate areas of the West Bank, targeting 27 citizens, including Sheikh Hassan Yousef and freed prisoners.

The forces arrested the liberated Bara' Assi from Qarawat Bani Hassan and Abd al-Rahim Ibrahim from Bidya, both areas west of Salfit.

It also arrested Anas Miskawi from Qalqilya.

The occupation arrested 4 citizens from Nablus: Ahmed Ghazi and Omar Ghazi from Jama'in in the south, the wounded Amir Al-Hajj and the editor Yazid Nasser.

From Ramallah, the occupation arrested the leader, Hassan Yousef, from Beitunia, to the west, and Bara’a Mafarja, Waheed Dar Musa, and Moaz Iyad Assi, from Beit Laqya, to the west.

Nour Al-Qadi and editor Abdullah Metwally were arrested from Al-Bireh.

The occupation soldiers arrested 6 citizens of Hebron: Anas Jawabra, Ghassan Jawabra, Muayyad al-Sharbi, editor Izz al-Din al-Hour, Rabah al-Fadilat from al-Aroub refugee camp in the north, and Muhammad Yunis al-Masalma from Dura in the south.

The forces arrested 8 citizens from Jerusalem: the editor Rami al-Fakhouri, Iman Abu Sobeih, Jihad Qaws, Rashid al-Rishq, Muhammad Sharifa, Nasser al-Hadmi, and Sufyan al-Ajlouni. In addition to Ragheb Musa Jabr from Al-Eizariya to the east.

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