The resistance factions hold the occupation responsible for the repercussions of the delay in lifting the siege on Gaza

 The Palestinian resistance factions in the Gaza Strip, today, Tuesday, held the Israeli occupation fully responsible for the repercussions of the delay in lifting the siege on the Strip and the deliberate delay in the reconstruction file.

In a statement after their weekly meeting, the factions called on the mediators to assume their responsibilities before it is too late, stressing that “procrastination leads to what the occupation does not desire.”

She saluted the masses of the Palestinian people in all areas of their presence on the anniversary of the Stone Intifada, stressing their adherence to the option of resistance as a strategic option to protect the constants and national rights.

It also confused the heroes of the recent operations in the West Bank, calling for their continuation and escalation, and setting the earth in flames under the feet of the occupation, which is deterred only by the sound of the intifada and resistance. As stated in her statement.

It renewed its condemnation of political arrests in the West Bank, calling for the escalation of activities and rallies refusing to muzzle mouths, denouncing the acts of chaos and attacks on the funerals of martyrs and the breaking of the factions' banners.

She affirmed her support for the cause of the prisoners in the occupation prisons, especially the administrators who are on hunger strike, calling for the escalation of popular and mass events in support of them.

The resistance factions in Gaza strongly condemned the normalization meetings held by the PLO’s Committee for Communication with Israeli Society, denouncing the Arab rush to sign normalization agreements with the occupation.

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