The occupation executes a young man in Jerusalem

The occupation army executed a young man in Jerusalem this afternoon, in the Al-Masara neighborhood near Bab Al-Amud in Jerusalem, as the soldiers shot him directly from a zero distance, while he was lying on the ground without posing any significant danger to them. He was left to bleed to death, while the Hebrew media claimed that the young man had carried out a stabbing attack, in which he wounded a "Haredi" settler.

According to the radio station of the occupation army, the martyr is Muhammad Shehadeh Abu Salimiya, “25 years”, from Salfit Governorate, and he is a freed prisoner, and he spent 12 months in the prisons of the occupation.

Identical Hebrew media reported that the young man was martyred as a result of being directly hit by bullets, and eyewitnesses at the scene confirmed that he died shortly after his injury, as he stopped moving completely, and bled a lot for a long time.

The body of the martyr appeared lying on the ground and receiving bullets from a male and female conscript, while the occupation forces deployed in the vicinity of the place to evacuate the citizens, and they fired sound bombs after the Jerusalemites gathered.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society reported that its crews were present at the moment of the targeting of the young man by the soldiers' bullets, but they were prevented from reaching him, and he was left bleeding until his death was announced at a later time.

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