Settlers attack a house in Jalud

Last night, settlers attacked a house in the town of Jalud, south of Nablus, and stole some of its contents.

The head of the Jalud Village Council, Abdullah Hajj Muhammad, stated that settlers attacked the house of Hisham Imad Ahmed Hammoud, which is adjacent to the “Ihya” settlement, south of the village.

He explained that the settlers damaged the tires of Hammoud's vehicle, damaged its engine, and smashed dozens of trees in the garden of the newly built house.

They also stole construction equipment and a generator in front of the house, after cutting the wires surrounding the garden.

The southern area in the village of Jalud is subjected to repeated attacks by settlers, with the aim of keeping citizens away from the area near the settlement outposts and preventing the expansion and construction works and the establishment of infrastructure implemented by the council to serve the citizens and to protect the land from the danger of settlement encroachment.

He pointed out that two days ago, the Jaloud village council installed electricity poles in the area to connect the new house with electricity.

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