28 wounded in the march of return in Gaza

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

At least 28 protesters were injured Friday by the occupation east of the Gaza Strip, including a journalist east of Bureij, with the start of the eight-month-long return marches.

Since this afternoon, citizens have flocked to the return tents on the outskirts of the Gaza Strip to participate in the 36th Friday of the return marches and break the siege.

The Red Crescent said an ambulance had been thrown into a direct gas bomb, causing its windshield to crash east of Gaza.

The High Commission for return marches in Gaza called for the widest popular participation in today's protests under the slogan "International solidarity with the Palestinian people."

The Commission urged the widest popular participation in the tents of the return marches "" to affirm the oppressed Palestinian people and to uphold their right to return, break the siege, maintain the marches of return and break the siege with their popular and peaceful instruments. "

The Commission called on Arab and Islamic countries to "break the siege on Gaza and support Palestinian steadfastness in Jerusalem and the West Bank."

The return marches Committee is scheduled to hold a conference on Tuesday to announce an invitation to ban Israel's arming "for its crimes against the Palestinians."

Yesterday, the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, proclaimed by the United Nations in 1977, coincided with the date of the decision on the partition of Palestine on 29 November 1947.


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