Saudi Arabia and the UAE announce their first infection with the mutant Omicron

Saudi Arabia and the UAE announced on Wednesday that each of them had detected the first confirmed infection with "Omicron", the new mutated version of the Corona virus.

And the Saudi Press Agency, quoting an official source in the Ministry of Health, stated, “A case of the mutated strain “Omicron” of the virus was monitored in the Kingdom, for a citizen coming from a North African country, and an epidemiological investigation was carried out, the infected person and his contacts were isolated, and the approved health procedures were completed.”

For its part, the UAE Ministry of Health announced, according to what was stated on the official Emirates News Agency, "the first case of the mutant Omicron was recorded for an African woman coming from an African country, passing through an Arab country, and receiving two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine." The ministry stated that "the patient was isolated and her condition followed up, as she did not show any symptoms, and those who were in contact with her were isolated and all necessary health measures were taken."

And Saudi Arabia and the UAE, like other countries, announced last week the suspension of flights from seven African countries due to the new mutated from the Corona virus.

The Kingdom has so far recorded more than 549,000 cases of the virus, including 8,837 deaths. To date, it has provided more than 47 million doses of anti-viral vaccines.

The UAE has so far recorded more than 742,000 cases of the virus, and 2,148 deaths. The UAE is one of the countries that carried out an intensive and rapid vaccination campaign for its residents, giving it twenty million doses, while the population is ten million.

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