Settlers attack Al-Jebaa village and Abuse citizens ´ property

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

Israeli settlers attacked the village of al-Jebaa, which is located far west of Bethlehem Province, while the residents were sleeping, assaulted citizens ' property there and made slogans hostile to the Palestinians and Arabs, demanding their deportation.


The settlers damaged the tyres of a number of vehicles and proceeded with slogans on some of them and on the walls of houses in Hebrew. Among these logos are the "operatives of the price" and "You must leave".

The village of Al-Jabaa, which borders the green line, is often subjected to such attacks, as settlers burnt the Huda mosque in the village some three years ago, without Israeli police and occupation authorities disclosing the perpetrators and other attacks, who are believed to be starting from a number of hotbeds Settlement in the Gush Etzion settlement complex.


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