Opening of the exhibition “Palestine in the Eyes of Russian Artists” in Moscow

The Ambassador of the State of Palestine to the Russian Federation Abdel Hafeez Nofal, Chairman of the Committee for Coordination of Inter-National and Interreligious Relations in the Social Chamber of the Russian Federation Vladimir Rozin, and Vice-Chairman of the Committee in the Social Chamber, Mufti Albert Karganov, opened the The art exhibition “Palestine in the eyes of Russian artists”, which was held in the building of the Social Chamber of the Russian Federation and organized with the support of the Embassy of Palestine, the Social Chamber, the Religious Association of Muslims of Russia, the Association for Friendship and Cooperation between the Peoples of Chuvashia and Palestine, in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Culture, the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society and Arab embassies.

Nofal affirmed that the holding of this exhibition coincided with the 33rd anniversary of the Palestinian Declaration of Independence and the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, and following the visit of the President of the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas to Russia, confirming the depth of Russian-Palestinian friendship relations and Russia’s support for the government and people of the just cause of Palestine and the aspirations of its people to embody their legitimate rights, and that The Holy Land, as it has been throughout history, constitutes a source of spiritual and cultural inspiration for Russian creators.

In turn, Rosen pointed out the importance of holding the exhibition for the first time in the social room, which gives the possibility to learn more about the nature of Palestine, its symbols, and its multiple and unique spiritual and cultural details.

In turn, Karganov referred to Palestine's religious and spiritual status, especially to the Muslims of Russia, as it is the first of the two Qiblas and the third of the Two Holy Mosques, stressing continued support for its people in all fields.

The head of the Moscow branch of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society, Sergey Zhitinov, emphasized the spiritual and historical status of the Palestinian Holy Land for the Russians.

Ksenia Pimenova, in a speech by the Director of the Department of Museums and Foreign Relations in the Ministry of Culture, Alexander Voronko, also stressed the importance of developing cultural relations between Russia and Palestine. She praised cooperation in all cultural fields, including holding joint art exhibitions.

The opening of the exhibition, in which artists from various Russian cities and regions participated, included artistic and lyrical excerpts, as well as some Arab artists.

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