The European Union imposes a fine on Google


EU court proves fine of 2.4 billion euros imposed on Google

On Wednesday, the European judiciary confirmed a fine of 2.4 billion euros imposed by Brussels on google For violating the rules of competition in price comparison services.


The Court of the European Union, based in Luxembourg, rejected her appeal internet company The American giant, finding that it "abused its dominant position by preferring its Google Shopping + service in search results."


possibility of appeal

Google can still appeal this decision to the Supreme Court, the European Court of Justice.


The fine imposed by the European Commission in June 2017 was considered a record amount at the time. This is one of three major cases brought by Brussels against the giant US search engine.

The court said in a statement that theGoogle ShoppingIt benefited from a “distinctive display and position” while the comparison results were transferred to search results pages “through ranking algorithms.”


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