360 million Facebook addicts.. Sleep, relationships and work the most affected

Study .. 1 in 8 users is addicted to “Facebook”About 12.5% ​​of Facebook users suffer from addiction problemsReveal a poll on Facebook One in every 8 users has become addicted to it, which has negative effects on his social relationships, work and sleep, in what is known as “internet addiction.”
newspaper reported The Wall Street Journal The User Wellbeing team made a series of suggestions to reduce cases of Internet addiction, but many of them were not implemented, before the team abruptly canceled in 2019.

Leaked documents from the company assert that it has repeatedly prioritized financial gain over the safety and well-being of its employees and users.

The report indicated that about 12.5% ​​of Facebook's 2.9 billion users, equivalent to 360 million people, suffer from addiction-like problems.

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