Packages of money fall from an armored vehicle on a California highway

 Bundles of cash from a cash vehicle fell on a California highway Friday, sending drivers scrambling to take advantage of the unexpected opportunity.

However, the drivers' happiness did not last long, as the police arrived quickly to the place to restore the situation to normal and arrested two people who showed great greed in this incident.
"There are a lot of videos that show people stealing money on the highway by collecting it from the ground," California Highway Police Sergeant Curtis Martin told a news conference.
He confirmed that the money that fell from the vehicle is worth thousands of dollars and belongs to a bank and must be delivered to a police station.
The accident occurred after the armored vehicle's door opened unexpectedly near San Diego, not far from the border with Mexico.
Videos spread on social media show people stopping on the road and rushing to scoop green banknotes. Some even threw it in the air like confetti.
One Instagram user wrote, "Have you seen this before? What would you do if this happened to you?”
The police have warned that they will use these videos to track people who will not return the money they collected illegally. "It's better that they be honest than wait for us to find them and knock on their door," said Sergeant Martin.
Police at the scene stopped a man and a woman who were rushing to collect money, but they got stuck outside their car on the highway after they accidentally locked it with the key in it.

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