Al-Hayek warns of dangerous conditions for the infrastructure and the displaced in Gaza during the winter

 Ali Al-Hayek, head of the Palestinian Businessmen Association, called today, Saturday, for donors to direct their money urgently to rebuild the infrastructure in the Gaza Strip.

Al-Hayek pointed out in a press statement to him, that the current depression, despite its weakness, revealed the extent of the great damage to the infrastructure during the last aggression on the Gaza Strip last May.

Al-Hayek said that "many of the main streets were flooded and the movement of vehicles and people stopped as a result of rain water mixing with sand and mud, and the accumulation of water in them in the form of pools."

Al-Hayek warned of the exacerbation of the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip with the advent of winter, in light of the presence of thousands of homeless people and apartments that were completely and partially destroyed and not yet built, in addition to landslides and flooding of main streets and intersections targeted during the recent aggression.

He pointed out that the donors' delay in the reconstruction of the infrastructure, which in all regions of the Gaza Strip needs $50 million, is a worrying matter with the onset of winter, especially in the low and hot "populated" areas.

Hayek stressed that infrastructure construction is no less important than other sectors, as it directly affects the citizen, and is considered one of the basic services for life.

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