Gaza: Demands to prosecute the leaders of the occupation, the perpetrators of the massacre of the Al-Sawarka family

The Sharia Lawyers Syndicate and Rased Center for Human Rights demanded today, Monday, the international community and its human rights organizations to prosecute the leaders and soldiers of the occupation who committed the massacre of the Abu Malhous (Al-Sawarka) family during the 2019 aggression on the Gaza Strip, which led to the death of 9 people. The family, mostly children and women, injured 12 others.

During a sit-down organized in front of the Abu Malhous (Al-Sawarka) family’s house on the second anniversary of the massacre, the Syndicate and Monitor called on all parties, international and local human rights institutions, and the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to prosecute the leaders and soldiers of the Israeli occupation before the International Criminal Court, as this crime is an international crime. It is not subject to statute of limitations and constitutes a war crime and a full-fledged crime against humanity.

The participants stressed that the Israeli occupation added to its criminal record another crime, during which all humanitarian values ​​and principles were violated, and the occupation, as usual, disregarded international conventions and treaties that prohibit violating the lives and rights of civilians and targeting safe homes.

The participants in the vigil held the occupation legal and humanitarian responsibility for its criminal acts against defenseless civilians, and the consequences of the crimes committed by its soldiers, stressing that the blood of the martyrs of the Sawarka tribe and the martyrs of the Palestinian people will not go unheeded.

With regard to the prisoners, the participants stressed that the administrative detention without trial and other violations against them is a crime and a violation of the Geneva Conventions for the protection of prisoners, calling on all the free people of the world to support the prisoners and lift the Nazis of the Israeli occupation from them.

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