Israel claims that it received a letter from the International criminal "No objection" to the evacuation of the Red Khan

JERUSALEM _ Palestine News Network

The Israeli Government has received a letter from the International Criminal Prosecutor's Office in The Hague that there is no legal problem with international law regarding the evacuation of the Bedouin village of al-Khan al-Ahmar, east of Jerusalem, the Hebrew site of the Jewish state said Wednesday evening.

According to the site, the Israeli Deputy Prosecutor recently held meetings in The Hague, during which he presented Israel's plan to evacuate the village.

According to political sources speaking to the site, the International Criminal Prosecutor at The Hague explained that the evacuation was possible and there was no legal reason to prevent the operation.

Israeli Army Radio reported that the political leadership was interested in postponing the evacuation for several weeks, due to waiting for a report by the Hague Prosecutor on the situation of the Palestinian population in the West Bank.

The village was supposed to have been evacuated last month, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to postpone it for several weeks, although in recent days he has pledged more than a permit to evacuate it very soon.


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