"Foreign ": The occupation decision to seize 522 dunums south of the colonial and elemental West Bank

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates said that the decision of the occupation authorities to seize 522 dunums of the West Bank is colonial and racially privileged.

The ministry asserted that the decision of the "Israeli supreme" proves that the justice system and the courts in Israel are an integral part of the occupation system itself, which calls for a swift movement of international criminal law to open an investigation into the ongoing crime of settlement, as well as grave breaches and violations of international Resulting from settlements and terrorist hotbeds.

The Foreign Ministry considered that giving the green light to the settlement councils and the construction of hundreds of new settlement units in the settlement complex  "Gush Etzion " South of Bethlehem, would deepen the settlement in that area and link it with the large settlement groups located south of Jerusalem.


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