Ongoing medical violations by the occupation against sick prisoners in Ashkelon prison

The Commission of Detainees and Ex-Prisoners Affairs confirmed in a report issued today, Tuesday, that the occupation prison administration is violating medically sick and wounded prisoners, as it targets them clearly and programmed, by ignoring their health conditions and procrastinating in dealing with them seriously, which has exacerbated the situation. Disease outbreaks in their bodies.

In this context, the Prisoners Authority documented, through its lawyer, the most prominent cases of illness that languish in Ashkelon Prison, including the case of the prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid (49 years), from Al-Amari camp in Ramallah, whose condition has deteriorated significantly, after he began suffering with severe chest pains and severe coughing fits. Which makes him vomit often, and he was recently operated on, during which 10 cm of the left lung was removed, and it turned out that the tumor was a malignant cancerous tumor, and the prisoner Abu Hamid still needs urgent medical follow-up.

The prisoner, Yasser Rabaia, from Al-Azariya, who is sentenced to life imprisonment and 10 years in prison, suffers from colon cancer. He underwent a resection and underwent eight chemotherapy sessions at Barzilai Hospital.

The prisoner, Muhammad Barash, suffers from blindness in his eyes, hearing problems, amputation in the left foot, high blood cholesterol and other health problems. He was transferred a few days ago to Barzilai Hospital for ear examinations. That the detainee's clinic was delaying in scheduling an appointment for him.

It should be noted that there are a number of prisoners in Ashkelon prison, and the prison administration deliberately delays providing them with the necessary treatment and is satisfied with giving them sedatives, including the prisoner Hassan Bahr Al-Dam, the prisoner Nasr Naji Abu Hamid, the prisoner Zaid Younis, the prisoner Muhammad Yazan Samaru, and the prisoner Othman Abu Kharj, And the captive Mowaffaq Arouk, the captive Mamdouh Amr, the captive Tayun Abdel Hadi Tayoun, the captive Khalil Abu Aram, the captive Ramzi Barash and the captive Muhammad Barash.

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