It is allowed to arrest its members.. The commander of the Israeli army in the West Bank approves the classification of institutions as “terrorist”

 Yehuda Fox, commander of the so-called Central Region (West Bank) in the Israeli army, signed the special decision of Defense Minister Benny Gantz to classify 6 Palestinian human rights and civil institutions as “terrorists.”

According to the website of the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz, the signature of the army chief in the West Bank allows the arrest of any of its members and those who cooperate with it, as well as the raiding of its offices and the confiscation of its equipment, given that they are “terrorist organizations.”

An Israeli military spokesman said that the army commander in the West Bank signed the statement after providing extensive, varied and reliable information indicating that these institutions are affiliated with the Popular Front.

Two weeks ago, Gantz signed the resolution claiming that these institutions work for the Popular Front and collect funds for it.

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