A German-Palestinian journalist suspended her program for participating in the Jerusalem March

The German journalist of Palestinian origin, Nima Al-Hassan, stated that Germany lacks an honest discussion that differentiates between anti-Semitism and positions critical of Israel.

In a visiting article on the website of the Berliner Zeitung newspaper, Al-Hassan wrote on Tuesday: “I am Palestinian and I will remain Palestinian whether this pleases German public opinion or not.”

She added that she reserves the right to criticize the Israeli government, noting that this matter is not available to her in Germany with her past about the Holocaust.

Al-Hassan, 28, was originally supposed to present a scientific program on the German "WDR" station, before the station decided to stop this step due to accusations of anti-Semitism.

It is currently being studied whether Al Hassan could take on editorial assignments behind the camera.

Al-Hassan is facing criticism for reasons, including her participation years ago in the Jerusalem march in Berlin, which used to witness anti-Israel slogans and pro-Hezbollah symbols.

Al-Hassan had apologized for participating in this march.

Al-Hassan is also accused of liking posts critical of Israel on the Internet, including the escape of prisoners from a high-security Israeli prison.

Al-Hassan continued her criticism in the article, saying that German public opinion was asking her to deny her Palestinian identity and asserted: “I am Palestinian, and my family history is closely linked to the history of the state of Israel forever.”

Al-Hassan accused the "Bild" newspaper, which was the first to inform the public about the accusations against it, of trying to harm its reputation, but at the same time said that Bild newspaper "is naturally allowed to look into the past of a public figure and ask questions," and added: "But there is a limit. Between critical journalistic work and a campaign directed at harming a person.”

Al-Hassan stated that the campaign against her was prepared in right-wing forums for a long time, pointing out that these forums aim to expel the largest possible number of adherents of the Islamic faith from public life.

Al-Hassan argued that accusations of anti-Semitism are being used deliberately because they are particularly effective in making anyone out of line with societal norms, and pointed out that the aim of the extremist Yemenis in this is not to protect Jewish life but to use the accusation of anti-Semitism as a means to achieve the end.

She accused WDR of trying to extricate itself from the line of fire and said that "the radio's reaction typically shows just how poor the debate culture is in this country."

Last Friday, the station’s council discussed accusations of anti-Semitism against the journalist, and the council agreed that anti-Semitism should not have a place inside the station, whether in front of or behind the camera, but there was a difference in assessing whether Hassan’s expressions of her opinion had a hostile character. Semitic or not.

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