The European Union contributes 15.6 million euros to the payment of salaries and pensions for the month of October

 The European Union has announced the transfer of “a contribution of €15.6 million to the Ministry of Finance to help the Palestinian National Authority pay the salaries and pensions of its government employees in October, mostly in the health and education sector in the West Bank.”

And the union indicated, in a statement today, Tuesday, that “this support will help the Palestinian Authority to fulfill part of its obligations towards Palestinian civil servants, as it continues to face a worrying financial situation as a result of the long-standing economic crisis in the occupied Palestinian territories.” This situation is seriously exacerbated by the consequences of the Corona pandemic and the ongoing tensions with Israel.”

He continued: “The European Union provides this contribution of 15.6 million euros, as support targeting civil servants who work mostly in the social sectors of health and education in the West Bank, as well as pensioners.

This contribution underscores the EU’s unwavering commitment to helping build an independent, accountable, democratic and viable Palestinian state.”

EU Representative Sven Kuhn von Burgsdorff said: “This is the first EU contribution to budget support for 2021 which has been delayed by lengthy administrative processes as a result of the change in the new budget period.

Addressing the worsening and unsustainable structural financial crisis in Palestine requires the full support of all concerned parties.

It is clear that Israel must do its part to ensure an increased and predictable flow of revenue it collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority.

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