Shtayyeh in front of the Climate Summit: Israeli settlements and their waste are the most dangerous pollutants to the environment in Palestine

Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh said, "The Israeli settlements, quarries and landfills, whether chemical, electronic, solid, and others are the most important pollutants to the environment in Palestine, and with climate change, the negative results are more than doubled."

In his speech at the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland, today, Monday, the Prime Minister added, “The Israeli occupation and settlement measures aimed at razing the land, occupying the hills, transforming green spaces into cement blocks to become colonies, depleting water sources and drying out a large number of them, and the attacks of the colonists. On land, stone and trees, it is a matter that calls for an immediate cessation of these attacks, and the one who looks at the map of modern Palestine sees how the environment is being systematically destroyed. Since 1967, Israel has uprooted about 2.5 million trees, including about 800,000 olive trees.”

He continued: “The water budget in Palestine is about 800 million cubic meters per year, from which Israel steals 600 million cubic meters; This water impoverishment is part of a systematic colonial policy adopted by Israel to desert our land and push its owners from it to facilitate its confiscation and colonization.”

And he added: “The Dead Sea is bleeding due to the depletion of its capabilities and what Israel extracts from it in terms of minerals and salts to serve its industries, and this will dry up in 2044 if Israel continues its current activities. Palestine has 34 kilometers along the Dead Sea and we cannot even reach its shores.”

Shtayyeh said: “For our part, we are making every effort to contribute to the international collective effort to confront climate change, and we signed and ratified the Paris Agreement on Climate Change in 2016, and we were among the first to prepare the national plan for climate adaptation, and more than 10 years ago we adopted the Greening Palestine Program, and we planted Tens of thousands of trees, and programs to generate electricity from solid waste and from solar energy.”

He continued, "The Palestinian person's awareness of the environment and its preservation is increasing due to the awareness programs launched in schools, universities and others, and that the government's plans, especially the national development plan, have been based on the interest in the interrelationship between water, energy and food sources."

He added: “We are making a great effort with our international partners and the private sector in the treatment of wastewater, sewage, solid waste and clean energy, especially in the Gaza Strip, which will become unviable if the situation continues as it is from the siege and others, but in order to make this happen, the Palestinian people He should be able to control his land and water on the one hand, and his national and natural resources on the other hand, away from occupation.” Shtayyeh pointed out that “Palestine has 310 sunny days, and therefore most public institutions, mosques, churches and schools have begun to take their electrical energy from solar energy, and 500 schools have been connected to solar energy, and we will continue the work to include all schools, and we have harmonized some laws and legislation, all within our plan.” Towards a green Palestine.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister clarified that “the Palestinian farmer has long introduced drip irrigation technology in order to coexist with the limited amount of water available to him, and to conserve water sources as much as possible, but unfortunately Israel seizes what we provide.”

The Prime Minister congratulated the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its King, and the Crown Prince for the initiative to establish a fund for greening the Middle East, stressing the readiness to contribute to the success of this effort with technical, technical and other participation.

He said: “On behalf of President Mahmoud Abbas, I wish your conference success and success, and I thank the United Nations for organizing this conference, and the United Kingdom for its hosting and good reception. I hope that people will remain partners in clean air, sunshine, clear water and green earth. Thank you all.”

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