A special feature in the iPhone to block "annoying ads"

We all go through that moment, when we visit a website on our smartphones, before successive ads surprise us, suggesting you a product you were originally looking for.

And the tracking and tracking feature in smart phones helps to know what the user is looking for and what he wants to buy, to suggest relevant ads to him.

Cnet said that a special feature in iOS 14.5 and modern iPhone systems would enhance user privacy and give them freedom of choice.

He explained that the "App Tracking Transparency" feature gives the user the option to prevent apps from tracking your steps and showing relevant ads .

"Unless a user explicitly gives permission to an app (including those from Apple), it cannot use your data for targeted advertising or share your data with advertisers," he said.

To activate the feature , it is enough to go to  Settings, then "Privacy", then "Tracking", and then uncheck "Allow Apps to Request to Track".

Another way to prevent tracking is when a user downloads a new app , they will receive a notification asking if they want to allow the app to track their activity.

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