An uproar because of the meaning of the new name in Hebrew.. “Facebook” was born “dead” in Israel!

Facebook's announcement of changing its name to "Meta" caused an uproar in Israel because of the meaning of the new word in Hebrew.

The word “meta” refers to the feminine word for “dead” in the Hebrew language. Technical expert, Nirit Weiss, commented on Twitter that the new company name will be the subject of ridicule in Israel for many years because of its Hebrew meaning.

The Israeli rescue organization ZAKA, which works to ensure a proper burial for Jewish dead, also participated in the mockery campaign that was launched under the hashtag #FacebookDead, meaning the death of Facebook, and wrote on Twitter: “Don’t worry, we are working on it.” .

Another user said: "Thank you for providing a good reason for all Hebrew speakers to laugh."

Earlier, the head of the “Facebook” group, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the change of the name of the parent company of the social network to “Meta”, to better reflect all its activities, but the name of the different networks in it will remain the same, and the Instagram application and WhatsApp service will maintain their names.

And Facebook is not the only company that has been ridiculed for its brand translations in other languages.

We also find KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), whose motto "Finger lickin' good" did not appeal to the Chinese during the 1980s. The mandarin translation of the slogan was "Get off your fingers."

But it didn't hurt the company much. KFC is one of the largest fast food chains in the country.

Rolls-Royce changed its car's name to "Silver Mist", which translates to "stool" in German. The car was named Silver Shadow instead.

Meanwhile, when Nokia released its Lumia in 2011, it didn't exactly get the reaction it was expecting. In Spanish, lumia is a synonym for "whore," although it appears only in dialects with a heavy gypsy influence.

But Honda was lucky. She almost called her new car "Fitta," a cliched description for "vagina" in Swedish. It is clearly not well translated in a number of other languages. The problem was discovered early, and a decision was made to name the car "Jazz" in most countries.

Source: BBC

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