A sit-in in Jenin to demand the bodies of the detained martyrs

The families of the martyrs whose bodies are being held in the Israeli cemetery of numbers, continue their activities and sit-in in the Solidarity Tent in Jenin under the slogan “Give us our children back.” With the participation of liberated prisoners, families of prisoners and representatives of several activities, a new stand was organized this evening, to raise and shed light on the suffering of the families of the martyrs and expose the violations of the occupation.

The participants raised pictures of the martyrs and chanted slogans condemning the policies of the occupation. The freed prisoner, Iyad Al-Azmi, the father of the martyr Amjad, who was assassinated by special units along with three martyrs, said, “We will not leave the tent, and we will continue to sit on a daily basis, until we recover the bodies of our children. There is no Sharia or law in the world that permits this.” The ongoing crime of occupation.”

He added: "My brother Amjad was martyred during the intifada, but we did not experience this suffering, because there is a shrine to visit for him, but this injustice and punishment could not and will not be tolerated, and we demand the international community to prosecute the occupation for these crimes, which are a disgrace on the forehead of the whole world."

As for the father of the martyr Nour Jarrar, who was martyred with Amjad, he said, “We feel proud and proud of our son’s martyrdom during his resistance to the occupation, but our great pain is the continuation of the occupation by kidnapping and seizing his body, disregarding all norms and laws. Where are the human rights organizations?” He added, “We will continue our activities.” And to raise our voice, in defense of the martyrs, and we call on all parties to stand with us, and support this initiative so that our children return to us and bury them in our cemeteries in accordance with Islamic law.”

The released prisoner Ahmed Al-Jazra said, “This is the least duty we can offer to our heroes who sacrificed the flower of their youth for the sake of the homeland and our freedom. And we will continue to demand the bodies until they are liberated.”

As for the freed prisoner, Yahya Al-Zubaidi, he said, “Our people are proud and proud of the martyrs, but they will not stand idly by in the face of the most heinous crime committed in human history. The silence of human rights institutions and those lamenting over democracy and human rights, is considered support and encouragement for the occupation of this crime.”

He added: “It is the duty of every Palestinian to participate in this battle. These heroes sacrificed their lives cheaply on the altar of our freedom and for the sake of our dignity, and true loyalty to them and their families, by standing up to the occupation to force them to liberate them and bring them back from the graves of numbers.”

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