34 Female prisoners languish in the occupation prisons

The Prisoners' Club reported today that 34 female prisoners are languishing in the occupation's prisons, including eight mothers and seven wounded and sick.

This came in a statement issued on the occasion of the National Day of Palestinian Women, October 26, which was adopted because of its valuable and long-standing connotations of the Palestinian women’s journey and struggle; On this day, the first Palestinian women’s conference was held in Jerusalem in 1929, amid active participation and the attendance of more than 300 women, which came out with a set of decisions that honestly expressed what the people of Palestine were aspiring and asking for at the time.

The year 1929 witnessed the beginning of the actual organized participation of Palestinian women in political work following the escalation of the events of the Al-Buraq Revolution and its spread throughout Palestine.

The Prisoner’s Club pointed out that women are still partners in the struggle alongside men in Palestine, and this is witnessed by the prisons in which the female prisoners are held and participate in all the struggle and protest steps against the prison administration, the last of which was their participation in the protest strike against the policies imposed on the prisoners after the operation "Freedom Tunnel".

Also, women have a prominent and important role in supporting the militants, as often women are the ones who visit their prisoners, brothers or husbands, and are also subjected to arrest to pressure them and push them to confess or surrender themselves.

Monitoring and documentation studies indicate that the occupation authorities have arrested more than 16,000 Palestinian women since 1967, and the first female captive in the history of the Palestinian revolution was Fatima Barnawi from Jerusalem, who was arrested in 1967, was sentenced to life imprisonment and released in 1977.

The Prisoner's Club stressed that the occupation authorities continue to violate the rights of Palestinian female prisoners in the occupation prisons, in violation of the 1987 Convention against Torture, which prohibited inhuman and degrading treatment and in violation of the United Nations Model Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners of 1955.

He pointed out that the female captives live during the stages of detention in inhumane conditions in which their rights to physical, psychological and privacy safety are not taken into account. To the violation of their privacy by planting cameras in the yards of the detention, forcing some of them to adhere to Islamic dress, even while playing sports.

It also deprives them of their right to have a library inside the prison despite repeated requests to do so, in addition to denying them the practice of handicrafts, in addition to being subjected to abuse during the process of being transferred by “bosta” to the courts or hospitals, where the transfer process takes hours and during which they are attacked by forces "The Nachsun".

The Prisoner’s Club stated that the occupation arrests female prisoners in “Damoon” prison, the oldest of whom is the captive Amal Taqatqa from Bethlehem, who has been detained since the first of December 2014, and is sentenced to (7) years in prison. Maysoon Musa and Aisha al-Afghani, who were sentenced to 15 years in prison. He added that among the wounded prisoners, the most severely suffering is the case of the prisoner Esraa Jaabis from Jerusalem, who is sentenced to 11 years in prison, and who was arrested by the occupation forces after shooting at her car, which led to its explosion and severe burns that disfigured her face, head and chest and amputated her fingers.


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