40 American organizations call on Google and Amazon to cancel their contract with the occupation army

More than 40 American organizations have called on the companies "Amazon" and "Google" to abandon their contract with the Israeli occupation army to transfer its information systems.

The organizations announced their support for the employees of the two companies who demanded that their administration stop enabling the Israeli government's oppression of the Palestinians.

She pointed out that Amazon and Google make it easier for the Israeli government to monitor Palestinians and force them to leave their lands, stressing the need to use technology to bring people together, not enable apartheid and ethnic cleansing.

The demand comes in the wake of an open letter signed by nearly 1,000 employees from Amazon and Google, calling on the tech giants to scrap Project Nimbus, which they said “allows for more monitoring and illegal data collection on Palestinians, and facilitates the expansion of illegal settlements in Palestinian territories".

“The Israeli army contracted with Amazon and Google to build and supply the technology used to oppress, occupy, and bombard the Palestinians,” said Evan Jarir, director of the organization Fight for the Future. That is why we are asking them to sever their ties with Israel.”

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