The occupation releases the prisoner, Nasreen Hassan, and prevents her from entering Gaza

Today, Sunday, the Israeli occupation authorities released the prisoner Nisreen Abu Kamil Hassan, after the end of her six-year sentence.

The captive Nisreen (46 years), from Haifa, is married in the Gaza Strip. Until this moment, the occupation authorities have not issued her a permit to enter Gaza, knowing that she is the mother of seven children whom the occupation denied her visiting during the period of her arrest, and her youngest child was eight months old when she was arrested, and the oldest of them is the girl Princess, who was 11 years old.

The prisoner, Nisreen, was arrested at the Beit Hanoun checkpoint in the northern Gaza Strip, after she received a phone call from the occupation intelligence to come to the checkpoint to receive her husband's permit to allow him to enter the 1948 territories and visit her family in Haifa on October 17, 2015. The investigation room, and false accusations were framed against her. She was subjected to a harsh interrogation for 31 days in Ashkelon, and she was hit with rifle butts in one of them directly on the heart. She was transferred to "Damoon" prison until her release.

The occupation authorities sentenced her on October 20, 2018, after several sessions, to six years in prison, and she had already been in detention for 3 years, and she was released today, Sunday, after the completion of her six-year sentence.

Immediately after her release, prisoner Nisreen said: “I submitted a request to go to my house in Gaza, where my family of seven lives, but the Israeli authorities prevent me from doing so, and told me that I will not be allowed to enter Gaza, and I will sit at the Beit Hanoun checkpoint until I am entered into Gaza.” .

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