Settlers attack farmers and steal olive crops in Salfit

Settlers attacked farmers and stole their olive crops today, Friday, while the occupation forces obstructed some farmers while they were trying to reach olive fields, near the settlements of "Taffouh" and Ariel" built on Salfit lands.

The director of the Office of the Settlement and Wall Resistance Commission in the northern West Bank, Murad Ishtiwi, told, "The occupation forces tried to impede the farmers in the town of Yasuf in Salfit when they were trying to reach their lands near the settlement of (Taffouh), while the farmers were surprised by the settlers' theft of crops olives from their lands.

On the other hand, Ishtiwi pointed out that settlers and occupation soldiers attacked farmers and activists of the “Fazaa” campaign while they were picking olives near the settlement of “Ariel” built on Salfit lands.

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