Gazian turns his house into an exhibition of rare stones

The passion of Salah Al-Din Al-Kahlout, a resident of Jabalia, in the northern Gaza Strip, for precious stones, turned one of the halls of his house into an exhibition in the form of a museum, in which he placed different types of these rare stones.

Al-Kahlout receives dozens of visitors daily in his house, to see these stones, which are a reference for some students of geological sciences, and researchers in this field.

These stones are collected from several sources, the most important of which is the sea by diving deep by specialized divers, he said, noting that the search for them lasts for several days, possibly weeks until some of them are obtained.

He pointed out that the exhibition includes historical collections, and contains a wide variety in this field, including lunar, Martian, marine, sultan's stone, rubies and diamonds (different types), noting that Gaza contains at least 1,000 types of these rare stones.

Al-Kahlout pointed out that he has agate, one of the rare types of stones that African countries lack, which is considered one of the countries where most types of precious stones are available, noting that a wide variety of different types are available from them.

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