human rights organization: human rights report proves facebook´s involvement in fighting our people

 the plo's department of human rights and civil society said the report by human rights watch, which condemned facebook for fighting palestinian content, proves the company's involvement in the occupation's war against our people.

the department said in a statement saturday that the organization's report proves the involvement of facebook and its instagram company in fighting and suppressing freedom of opinion and expression in relation to human rights issues in the occupied palestinian territories, which leads to the blurring of the voices of the victims in favor of justifying the narrative of occupation.

the report focused on the closure of pages, accounts and deletion of leaflets and materials for palestinians, human rights institutions that advocated human rights issues, whose contents showed the crimes and attacks perpetrated by the occupation against our people, specifically during its aggression last may, which targeted civilians and residential buildings in the gaza strip, led to the rise of a large number of martyrs and wounded, attacks on worshippers at the al-aqsa mosque and violation of its religious sanctity, repression and criminality in the occupied territories in 1948.

the chamber appreciated the human rights organization's report, requiring international judicial authorities to apply international standards on freedom of opinion and expression, impartiality for perpetrators of crimes and violations, and requiring facebook to do so.

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