The occupation forces a Jerusalemite family to demolish a self-made room

Today, Friday, the Israeli occupation authorities forced a Jerusalemite family to demolish a room in their own house, in Al-Thawri neighborhood of Silwan town, south of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Local sources indicated that the municipality of the Israeli occupation in Jerusalem imposed on the Jerusalemite, Muhammad Yaqoub Ismail Yaghmour in Al-Thawri neighborhood, the demolition of part of his house, which is a living room, with an area of ​​50 square meters.

She added that Yaghmour was forced to demolish the room with his own hands, in order to avoid paying the demolition fee in case the occupation municipality demolished it, after a violation of 16,000 shekels was imposed on the family about 5 months ago, knowing that the house was built before 1967, and the family expanded it and built the room before 16 years old.

It is noteworthy that Al-Thawri neighborhood borders Silwan to the west, and faces repeated and various racist measures by the occupation and its settlers.

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