54 detainees from Jenin in September.. Arrests escalated after the “Freedom Tunnel”

The Prisoners’ Club said that the Israeli occupation had arrested 54 Palestinians since the beginning of September in Jenin governorate, 48 of them since the escape of six prisoners from Gilboa prison.

The Prisoners Club clarified, in a statement, Thursday, that with the escalation of the confrontation in the governorate, the occupation forces carried out a number of violations and systematic abuse, the most prominent of which was the policy of collective “punishment” that affected relatives and brothers of the families of the six prisoners who were able to free themselves from “Gilboa” prison. They were later re-arrested, as the number of detainees among their relatives reached about 16.

The occupation forces also escalated the shooting and the use of violence to a high degree during the storming of houses, and the escalation of arrests carried out by the “undercover” special forces was noted.

The Prisoner's Club pointed out that some of the detainees were released days after they were investigated, and the majority of them have been indicted, and some of them are still under investigation, noting that some of the detainees were previously arrested.

The club indicated that some detainees were injured, and one of them is still in the occupation hospitals, the prisoner Muhammad Abu Al-Hassan from the town of Burqin, where his detention was extended for 9 days, in addition to the martyr Youssef Sobh, who was arrested by the occupation after shooting him, and his death was announced later and is still His body is being held, and among the martyrs who died in Jenin was the former prisoner, Osama Sobh.

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