Two martyrs in Burqin left behind the pain of mothers and the pain of granules

The occupation soldiers did not leave the town of Burqin, southwest of Jenin, which they stormed at dawn on Sunday, without flooding the town with blood and sniping two of its youth.

The occupation army intensified its mechanisms and raided Burqin in search of wanted persons, whom it described as the “cell” affiliated with Hamas, which was intending to launch an operation against the occupation. According to what the Hebrew media claimed.

Their heinous crime (their complex operation, as they put it) left two martyrs in Burqin and three others in the village of Beit Anan, northwest of Jerusalem.

The two Burqin martyrs were not among the members of the “target cell”, but one of them was a groom intending to marry after a month, and the other is the only son of his parents, and he has seven sisters.

The martyr groom, Osama Sobh, celebrated yesterday with his fiancée his twenty-second birthday, and set the date of his marriage during the celebration of his birthday. The dress, and today she bid farewell to her dreams in black tears.

Like a bereaved princess, Dunya stood at the window as she filled the last farewell to Osama, not a single look.

As for his mother, who considered her son a martyr for the sake of God and the homeland, she said, “Yesterday he told me let’s imagine, but I did not know that this picture was a picture of farewell.”

“This is the condition of the Palestinians,” said one of the women, in the presence of Osama’s farewell. Yes, the occupation kills us every day, kills our dreams, kills our joys with our children, and turns them into the moaning of mothers. Instead of singing to the mother of the groom, we sing to the mother of the martyr, and instead of weeping for joy, women cry for their children.

As for the boy Youssef Sobh (15 years), from the same family, the only boy in his family, his mother carried him after seven daughters, and dreamed of marrying him, but this did not happen. What happened is that the occupation killed him in cold blood at dawn today, then ran over him with a military jeep, After he bit his head, he detained his body, and the mother remained for more than seven hours, like the seven daughters, waiting to know any glimmer of hope that Joseph's face would appear on her, but he did not wait this time, not even wet her mouth to know any news about her son, on the contrary, he procrastinated The occupation announced his death, and she no longer had the body of her only son. I stood at the door waiting for a martyr carried on his shoulders, but he did not come.

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