Hamas threatened .. Bennett: There is no point in meeting Abu Mazen, and I oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state, and we will not release detainees “with blood on their hands.”

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said, this evening, Tuesday, that there is no meaning in any meeting he meets with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, especially as he supports filing lawsuits against Israeli soldiers before international courts, and pays money to those he described as "Terrorists".

Bennett's statements came in simultaneous interviews with various Hebrew channels and newspapers.

Bennett pointed out that the meeting of his army minister, Benny Gantz, with President Abbas, took place after his minister requested him a long time ago because he was responsible for the calm process in Gaza and considered it a tool. The meeting was approved and took place with my full knowledge.

Bennett described the Palestinian Authority as a failed authority, and that this is his complete perception of him, so there is no sense in meeting Abu Mazen. like he said.

In response to a question by the Hebrew Ynet website, whether he believes that Abu Mazen is not a partner, Bennett said, “Leave the terms and definitions, who thinks that there is a chance for a breakthrough? No one believes, I cannot say the position of Biden and Sisi, but I strongly believe.” Field operations at the commercial and economic level as a stabilizing factor, but will it solve all the problems in the world? of course no".

Bennett pointed out that he strongly opposes the establishment of a Palestinian state, and it is a grave mistake to import the very failed model of Hamas, Gaza, which fires missiles at us, and makes the West Bank like Gaza. like he said.

On whether Israel is heading towards another round in Gaza in light of what is happening, the Israeli Prime Minister said, “Not necessarily, this depends mainly on Hamas and the re-increasing of its strength,” referring to Gantz’s efforts to bring calm through communication with Qatar and other parties, and that in If these efforts succeed, I can say, like all Israelis, that we do not want a new round. like he said.

In response to a question about his previous criticism of Netanyahu for seeking calm with Hamas, which he is now seeking, Bennett said, “Four months ago, we were on a tour, and here we are at exactly the same point. Preserving the security of the citizens of Israel, especially the residents of the south.”

In response to a question about the continued firing of rockets, Bennett said, “We started a different approach, which is that every rocket we will respond to, every fire we will respond to, every balloon we will respond to, and this has not happened before, and now I have 3 tasks regarding Gaza, one of which is preventing the launch of The rockets, preventing the growth of Hamas, and taking care of the children’s return,” in reference to the prisoners held by Hamas.

On whether he agrees to a prisoner exchange deal, Bennett said that this depends on certain circumstances, noting that he would oppose, as he always opposed, the release of those whom he described as “whose hands are stained with the blood of the Israelis.”

Returning to the situation in Gaza, Bennett said that this problem has been going on for 15 years with the continued firing of rockets at all Israeli areas, noting that he is committed to bringing security to the Israelis and will do so.

Bennett advised Hamas about what he said about “returning to their senses,” stressing that he would not allow it to accumulate more rockets, and if the truce does not succeed, there are alternatives.

In response to a question by Channel 12 about how to conduct a military campaign against Gaza in the presence of the United Arab List in his government, Bennett said, “There is no problem, we are doing everything as usual, we used to rein in the launching of incendiary and explosive balloons, and now we act more sharply, I will always take Security decisions are based on a professional and clean basis. Mansour Abbas and his party work only in the civilian sector, which is why he joined us.”

Regarding his opposition to the opening of the US consulate in Jerusalem to serve the Palestinians, the Israeli prime minister said, “Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Israel only, and it does not exist for a governmental function.”

Regarding his meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi yesterday in Sharm el-Sheikh, and whether this was a prelude to a political process, Bennett said that Egypt has a very important role in the Gaza issue, and they are supervising the Rafah crossing and doing a great job there, to prevent the growth of Hamas’ strength.

He described the meeting as very important and friendly, and that it gives great importance to peace with Egypt, pointing out that the meeting dealt with economic and security issues, including the fight against ISIS in Sinai, and the issues of Gaza, given that Egypt has a great weight in the Strip and is a limiting factor to work at the Rafah crossing. So that missiles do not enter through it.

In the meetings, Bennett touched on the Iranian nuclear file, as well as internal issues, stressing that Iran is close to making a nuclear bomb, noting that he has a multi-dimensional action plan related to action against Iran on various fronts.

He indicated that he briefed US President Joe Biden on the plan, as well as some European countries, stressing that Israel is determined to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons at any cost.

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