Gaza: a popular conference to reject the UNRWA framework agreement with the United States

The national and Islamic forces in the Gaza Strip organized, today, Tuesday, a popular conference to reject and drop the framework agreement between UNRWA and the United States, which links the support of the United Nations to changing its policies in support of refugees.

Hundreds of citizens participated in the festival, which was organized in the Shati refugee camp, west of Gaza City, where the Palestinian flag was raised, and slogans emphasized the refugees' rejection of the conditional funding of UNRWA, and the rejection of the agreement as it contradicts the decision to establish the UN organization.

In a speech on behalf of the national and Islamic forces, Muhammad al-Madhoun, responsible for the refugee file in Hamas, said that this event will be followed by a large series of activities rejecting this agreement, noting that this is the first conference to be followed by more conferences.

In his speech, Al-Madhoun stressed the need to move at all levels and start a national campaign to confront the Framework Agreement through a comprehensive national unity.

He stressed that the framework agreement between UNRWA and the United States of America is unfair to the Palestinian people and unfair to human rights and democracy, noting that the agreement aims to make the refugees and its beneficiaries work as “information agents” for each other.

"Just as our people have dropped all previous suspicious agreements, so will this agreement," the Hamas leader said.

He called on the United Nations to take its role by providing full support to UNRWA to carry out its tasks for which it was established.

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