Two stands in Tulkarem and Qalqilya in solidarity with the prisoners

Two stands of solidarity with the prisoners were organized in the cities of Tulkarm and Qalqilya, in which a crowd of citizens, representatives of official institutions, popular activities, freedmen and families of prisoners participated.

In the city of Tulkarm, a solidarity sit-in was organized in front of the headquarters of the Red Cross in support of the prisoners in the occupation prisons.

Ibrahim Hamarsheh, director of the Prisoners’ Club in Tulkarm Governorate, said: “Today, the call was in response to the urgent appeal of the prisoners in the occupation prisons as they are preparing for a comprehensive strike in all prisons in support of the captive movement, denouncing the brutal repression, and supporting the prisoners of the Freedom Tunnel and stopping the violations against them, as well as the prisoners on hunger strike. against administrative detention.

In addition, the activities of Qalqilya Governorate, Fatah movement and the national forces organized a stand in solidarity with the prisoners, and to protest the abuse of the prisoners who were re-arrested, especially the prisoner Zakaria Zubeidi, who was transferred to Israeli hospitals after abuse of him and his fellow prisoners of the Freedom Tunnel by the occupation and its military establishment, and that day in the center of the city Qalqilya in the field of the martyr Abu Ali Iyad.

Representatives of the civil and military institutions, representatives of the national forces, official and popular events, and liberated prisoners from the governorate participated in the event.

The participants raised the Palestinian media and slogans condemning the policy of repression pursued by the occupation against the prisoners, especially the new measures announced by the prison administration a few days ago.

Major General Rafeh Rajbeh, Governor of Qalqilya Governorate, conveyed President Abu Mazen’s greetings to the steadfast prisoners in the face of the systematic repression carried out by the prison administration against the prisoners of freedom, denouncing the abuse of prisoners, especially the prisoners of the Freedom Tunnel, headed by the prisoner Zakaria Zubeidi, calling for expanding the circle of activities supporting the prisoners, and calling on institutions Human rights organizations and international institutions take a serious stand against the slow execution policies that are being practiced against prisoners.

In his speech on the national forces and the activities of the governorate, Lafi Nassora, director of the Prisoner Club, saluted the prisoners who are in the occupation prisons and who are subjected to a fierce attack from the highest levels of the Zionist government, especially the prisoners of the Freedom Tunnel who defeated the jailer and paved the way to freedom with their proud arms, and were able to destroy the Zionist security system Reviewing the barbaric measures carried out by the occupation, saying that this frantic campaign led by the highest political levels in the occupation government, towards the prisoners in all detention centers, made the captive movement in confrontation.

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