A prominent gangster was killed a day before his personal diary was published.

Denmark _ Agencies

A prominent Danish gangster, who had repented and retired from the underworld, was killed a day before he published a book talking about the life and personal experience of crime.

Nadim left died when he was shot in the Danish capital, Copenhagen, before fleeing, while police failed to identify any suspects until the moment.

After the incident, the victim was hospitalized, but his last breath was said to have been affected by his wounds, before he witnessed the publication of his prospective book, the name "Roots ".

A left of Turkish origins, but he lived and grew up in Denmark throughout his life, and was a notorious gang leader in Copenhagen, renowned for her stewardship of a huge drug trade.

Left he repented just a few weeks before the new born to the world in 2012, leaving behind the life of crime and drugs forever, while taking part in educational seminars aimed at removing the rising generation from improper and dubious choices.

Media reports have reported that a retired gangster survived an assassination attempt last year.


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