Hundreds of injuries in confrontations with the occupation in the West Bank, during the suppression of demonstrations in support of the prisoners who were stripped of their freedom

 A number of citizens were injured, on Wednesday evening, as a result of the outbreak of confrontations and the occupation’s suppression of marches in several areas in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

In Nablus, one hundred civilians were injured on Wednesday evening, during clashes that took place in the towns of Beita and Hawara, south of Nablus. Clashes erupted at the entrance to the town of Beita and at the Hawara checkpoint.

The Red Crescent reported that its crews dealt with 100 injuries in Hawara and Beita, including one injury with live bullets, 89 injuries from gas suffocation, 9 injuries with rubber-coated metal bullets, and one fall.

A march was launched from Al-Quds Street, with the participation of hundreds of citizens who headed to the Hawara checkpoint, shouting slogans in support of the prisoners and rejecting the repressive measures taken by the Prison Authority against them.

Clashes also erupted at the entrance to the town of Osrin, near the outpost of Jabal Sabih, during which soldiers fired tear gas canisters.

In Jenin, dozens of civilians suffocated with tear gas, this evening, Wednesday, during confrontations with the occupation in Arraba, south of Jenin.

The occupation forces set up a military checkpoint at the Araba junction, and tightened their siege on the village of Bir al-Basha and its military presence in the vicinity of Ya'bad villages.

And local sources reported that dozens of people suffocated during clashes that erupted with the occupation forces, who arrested at the crossroads of the town, Ezz El-Din Marzouk, a medical university student and nephew of the captive, Al-Ardah.

She explained that the occupation forces deployed among the olive groves in the vicinity of the village of Bir al-Basha in search of the prisoner who had taken his freedom from Gilboa Ya`qub Qadri prison, while they set up a military checkpoint at the junction of the town of Arraba, and the soldiers began to stop and search vehicles and check the identities of their passengers.

In a related context, the occupation forces deployed their forces inside the “Homish” site near the town of Silat Al-Dhahr, and tightened their military presence and search campaigns in the vicinity of Umm Dar village near Yabad.

The events of Arraba organized a massive march in support and support of the prisoners who are subjected to a fierce aggressive attack, especially in the Negev and Jalameh prisons, calling for more movement and solidarity with our prisoners, holding the occupation fully responsible for their lives.

According to the Red Crescent in Jerusalem, 4 civilians were injured in the Bab al-Amoud Square area, 2 of them were shot with rubber bullets, one was hit by a sound bomb, and another was attacked by beatings, as a result of the occupation’s suppression of a youth stand in solidarity with the prisoners.


In Qalqilya, clashes erupted near the northern crossing of the city, where the occupation soldiers fired tear gas and rubber bullets during those confrontations in support of the prisoners.

In the town of Azzun, east of Qalqilya, confrontations erupted near the gate area and Molotov cocktails were thrown. Israeli sources reported that a police car was subjected to Molotov cocktails, and two young men were shot by the occupation soldiers and taken to the hospital.

In the same context, a solidarity march with the prisoners started after the evening prayer from the Martyr Abu Ali Iyad Square in the center of the city, in which the participants in the march chanted slogans of solidarity with the prisoners.

Dozens of civilians were injured by tear gas suffocation during clashes in Al-Aroub refugee camp, north of Hebron. Clashes also erupted in the town of Beit Ummar, north of Hebron.

Local sources confirmed that clashes broke out at the entrance to al-Aroub camp this evening, between youths and the occupying forces, while the occupying forces fired gas bombs at the camp houses, causing dozens of casualties of asphyxiation treated on the ground.

On the other hand, clashes erupted between young men and the occupation forces this evening, Wednesday, in the town of Beit Ummar, north of Hebron, following a march of solidarity with prisoners in the occupation’s prisons, according to what media activist in Beit Ummar Muhammad Awad said in press statements.

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