Mass rallies in the provinces of the homeland in support of the prisoners

The governorates of the homeland circulated this evening, Wednesday, massive rallies in support and support of the prisoners in the face of the repression and attacks they are subjected to from the occupation prisons administration.

The Palestinian National Liberation Movement “Fatah” had called on the masses of our people for an urgent popular uprising in all Palestinian cities, villages and camps, in support of the prisoners, stressing that it “will stand with the masses of our people alongside our heroic prisoners, and we will not leave them alone in this battle.”

The occupation suppresses the marchers at the Hawara checkpoint near Nablus

The Israeli occupation forces suppressed, participants in a march organized by the “Fatah” movement in support of prisoners near Hawara checkpoint, south of Nablus.

The official news agency reported that the occupation forces targeted the participants in the march in support of the prisoners, with tear gas and sound bombs, which led to the suffocation of about 50 civilians, including 3 journalists.

She indicated that representatives of the national and popular action factions participated in the march, in support of the prisoners who are subjected to repression in the occupation prisons.


Mass rally condemning the aggression against the prisoners in Ramallah

This evening, Wednesday, a mass march was launched in Ramallah, denouncing the aggression against the prisoners held in Israeli occupation prisons.

The march roamed the streets of Ramallah and Al-Bireh, and the participants denounced the occupation's aggression that targets prisoners in various prisons, after six prisoners succeeded in liberating themselves from Gilboa prison.

The Secretary of the Revolutionary Council of Fatah, Majed Al-Fatiani, said that the march aims to support our people who are imprisoned in the occupation prisons after the Israeli madness resulting from the success of six prisoners in liberating themselves. A message to the world that the attacks that target our people must end.

Al-Fatiani added that the Fatah movement's message to our people is that our presence in the field among the masses of our people in support of our heroic families and the support of the popular resistance in Beita and Beit Dajan is what will fail the Israeli aggression practiced against our prisoners in the occupation prisons.

A massive mass rally in Tulkarm in support of the prisoners

Hundreds of residents of Tulkarm Governorate participated, this evening, Wednesday, in a massive march in support and support of the prisoners in the occupation prisons, in their struggle against the arbitrary violations of the occupation against them.

The march, which was attended by the families of the prisoners, the “Fatah” movement, the national action factions, and citizens of all groups, roamed the streets of the city.

They called on the masses of our people for a comprehensive popular uprising in all governorates of the country to support the prisoners and support their steadfastness, and to raise their voice loudly in all international forums to provide them with protection and pressure towards their release.

The march was preceded by a mass stand in the middle of Gamal Abdel Nasser Square, after calling for it to take to the streets in support of the prisoners.

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