70 injured during the occupation´s suppression of the Beta confrontations

The occupation army suppressed the anti-settlement march in the threatened Jabal Sabih area in the town of Beita in Nablus, where the Red Crescent announced that its crews dealt with 70 injuries, 12 of them with rubber-coated metal bullets, 51 injuries from inhaling tear gas, 6 injuries from a fall and a direct hit from a gas bomb.

For his part, the Deputy Mayor of Beita, Musa Hamayel, told Al-Quds.com: The occupation forces suppressed a march that started after Friday prayers, today, on the lands of Jabal Sabih, which refuses to establish a settlement outpost on the mountain top, where hundreds of citizens participated in performing a prayer. Friday on the lands of Jabal Sabeeh, whose lands are threatened by settlement.

Hamayel indicated that the occupation forces suppressed the march, and the occupation soldiers fired stun and tear gas canisters at the marchers, and drones also fired tear gas canisters, causing dozens of suffocation injuries that were treated on the ground.

Hamayel indicated that the occupation forces pre-empted the start of the march with a massive deployment of its soldiers, and destroyed the streets leading to Jabal Sobeih.

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