Dozens suffocated in Beit Dajan march against settlements

Dozens of people were injured Friday by tear gas as a result of israeli occupation forces' crackdown on the weekly anti-settlement march in the village of Beit Dajan, east of Nablus.The head of the People's Committee for the Defense of the Land of Beit Dajan Nasr Abu Jaish said that hundreds participated in the weekly anti-settlement march and refused to establish outposts in the northeastern area of the village of Beit Dajan, where the march began after Friday prayers, today, in front of the Grand Mosque in Beit Dajan, with the participation of national figures and leaders, and when they arrived close to the territories threatened by settlement and the focus is suppressed by the occupying forces by firing metal bullets coated with rubber and sound bombs and tear gas, what Dozens of people were suffocated and treated on the ground.Abu Jaish stressed that as the settlement is about a year old, the residents of Beit Dajan village are determined to continue their marches and activities against the outpost until it is removed.

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