12 citizens were arrested in the West Bank, including the wife of a prisoner

Last night and today Wednesday, the occupation forces arrested 12 citizens from separate areas in the West Bank.

The forces arrested the young man, Ahmed Salah Abu Rumaila, along with Ghadeer Adnan Qaria, the wife of the prisoner, Malik Yasser Fashafsha, both of whom are from Jenin.

It also arrested Ahmed Munir al-Rimawi from the town of Beit Rima, northwest of the city, and Ma'an Maher al-Barghouti, from the town of Kobar, to the west.

From Hebron, the occupation arrested three citizens: Iyad Al-Bo, Wael Ayed Rabei and Yousry Abu Qubaita.

Five citizens of Bethlehem were arrested: Hassanein Hassan Shoka, Youssef Ayyad Al-Harimi, Mustafa Saleh Abu Hammad, Issa Muhammad Zareena and Mansour Saleh Faraj.


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