6 injuries as a result of the occupation’s suppression of “night confusion” activities on the Gaza border

Six civilians were injured, this evening, Monday, as a result of the Israeli occupation forces' suppression of the "night confusion" activities on separate borders of the Gaza Strip, which are taking place for the third day in a row.

According to the Ministry of Health in Gaza, 3 of these injuries were caused by live bullets, including a serious case, noting that 3 other injuries were lightly caused by tear gas canisters and various shrapnel.

According to medical sources, a number of participants in the events in the Malaka area, east of Gaza City, and on the border of Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip, were wounded by the Israeli forces’ firing of live and rubber bullets and tear gas canisters at them.

The sources indicated that medical staff suffocated as a result of being directly targeted by the occupation with tear gas canisters.

According to eyewitnesses, the occupation forces once again used “Quad-Capter” small drones to throw tear gas canisters at the demonstrators.

Hundreds of young people gathered in the aforementioned border areas as part of activities aimed at putting pressure on the occupation to break the siege on the Gaza Strip.


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