Kochavi again: We will not hesitate to enter a new military operation in Gaza

Israeli army chief of staff Aviv Kohavi threatened, this evening, Monday, to launch a new military operation against the Gaza Strip if the "unrest" and the "violence and terrorism" incidents continued on the border.

During a reception for a new warship of the Israeli Navy, Kohavi said that these disturbances and “terror” on the Gaza borders will lead to a response and a harsh operation, noting that preparations for another operation have begun.

"We will continue to improve our offensive capabilities in Gaza and our operational plans, and our naval forces are ready to participate in the operation," he added.

"If calm is not maintained in the south, we will never hesitate to launch a new military campaign," he added.

Kohavi sent a message to the residents of Gaza, saying, “Peace and security will allow for an improvement in the civilian situation in Gaza, but riots and terrorism will lead to a harsh response and a process… The reality of your life can be completely different and your quality of life will improve dramatically, but without the continuation of terrorism.” like he said.

He referred to the challenges facing the Israeli army, saying, “We are facing an unprecedented reality on six fronts without stopping. In the north we face Hezbollah’s terrorism and Iran’s attempts to exist, and in the West Bank we work day and night to eliminate terrorism and maintain relative calm, and in the south we stand against attempts to harm our security.” With the escalation of confrontations again.”


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