A demonstration in New York to demand the return of the bodies of martyrs held by the occupation

Dozens of people in solidarity with our Palestinian people demonstrated in New York City in the United States of America, calling on the US administration to intervene to stop the escalating Israeli killings and work to return the bodies of the martyrs who are being held by Israel.

The demonstrators wore the Palestinian keffiyeh and carried models representing the martyrs with posters with their names.

In a message distributed by the demonstrators, the demonstrators said, “Israel continues to kill Palestinians, and the martyrs are rising day by day,” and demanded “to stand against this genocide, honor the martyrs and return their bodies that are being held by Israel.”

They emphasized the right of the Palestinians to bury the martyrs and to exercise one of the most important aspects of the human condition, as 254 Palestinian martyrs were buried in Israeli cemeteries, 81 in the “police morgue” and 68 are missing. They considered that “depriving the dead of their dignity is one of the most serious violations of human rights, yet Israel continues to act with impunity.”

"We will not forget, we will not forgive, and we will not stop the struggle for Palestine," said a statement issued by the organization that organized the demonstration called "During Our Lives", an American organization that calls for the establishment of a Palestinian state.

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