130 Palestinian women arrested by the occupation in 2021

Abdel Nasser Farwana, a specialist in the affairs of prisoners and ex-prisoners, said today, Saturday, that the occupation has arrested 130 Palestinian women since the beginning of 2021, most of them from Jerusalem.

In a press statement, Farwana indicated that this constitutes an increase in what was recorded in 2020, which was during the arrest of 128 Palestinian women.

He indicated that the number is expected to increase during the remaining months of this year.

The specialist in prisoners and ex-prisoners affairs pointed out that the Israeli occupation authorities have arrested more than 17,000 Palestinian women since 1967, including minors, students, mothers, sick, wounded and pregnant women, without taking into account their privacy and special needs.

The occupation authorities are still holding 40 Palestinian female prisoners in their prisons, including 11 mothers, the most prominent of whom is the pregnant prisoner Anhar al-Hajja (The Rooster), who is about to give birth in prison. She was arrested on March 8 while she was pregnant, and her due date is approaching.


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