Signing a German grant of 25 million euros to support the education sector

Minister of Education Marwan Awartani signed, with the Director of the German Development Bank’s office in Palestine David Koons, a grant of 25 million euros provided by the Republic of Germany, and in partnership with Ireland, Finland and Norway, to support the education sector, under the patronage and presence of the President Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh, and the German representative to the State of Palestine, Oliver Okza.

The Prime Minister said that “this agreement will cover building and renovating schools, pre-school education, providing schools with equipment, and building the capacity of educational staff,” adding that the cost of ignorance is much greater than the cost of education, not only in Palestine but throughout the world.

Shtayyeh added, "Germany is the most important supporter of the Palestinian people, and we thank her not only for supporting the education sector, but for supporting many sectors, whether technical and vocational education, water, infrastructure, and most importantly, the spirit of partnership between Palestine and the Republic of Germany in order to end the occupation and establish the state." and supporting the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination.

For his part, the representative of Germany said that "education is an investment in the human capabilities of any country, and education is a human right, and in order to enhance the capabilities of young people as well, education is a soft force, and we look forward to the continuation of joint cooperation between the two countries in many sectors."

Prior to signing the agreement, the Prime Minister met with the new German representative, where he welcomed him and wished him success in his mission, expressing all facilities for his work in Palestine, praising Germany's continuous and firm support, and Germany's position towards emphasizing the two-state solution.

Shtayyeh discussed with Okza the latest developments, informing him of the daily Israeli violations against the Palestinians, the continuation of the Israeli policy of settlement expansion and land confiscation, in addition to the separation of Palestinian lands from each other, which undermines the chances of establishing a Palestinian state on the ground.

The Prime Minister called on Germany to pressure Israel to stop its aggressions, especially in Jerusalem, noting that Israel controls the fate of the Palestinians by placing a “veto” on democratic life by preventing elections, in addition to controlling water and electricity sources, and placing obstacles in the way of trade exchange with the world from during its control of the border.


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