Russia denounces ´ interference ´ in election of Interpol president

Moscow _ Agencies

The Kremlin on Tuesday denounced the "intervention" in electing a new head of Interpol after an opposition, especially from members of the US Senate, to a Russian general presiding over the International Police Organization.

"This is an intervention in the electoral process, in the elections for an international organization," said Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, commenting on a statement by several US senators.

Delegations from Interpol Member States will vote on Wednesday to select the next president of the organization based in France at a meeting in Dubai.

Many call on the international organization to reject the chairmanship of the official of the Russian Interior Ministry, Alexander Procusoc, against the backdrop of fears that Moscow could exploit this to target its political opponents.

The Vice-President of the organization Probrokoc is the luckiest one to take office.

In a statement Monday, Senators Gen. Shaheen, Roger Waker, Chris Kunz and Marco Rubio called on the Interpol General Assembly to reject Probrokoc's candidacy.

"Russia is using Interpol repeatedly to liquidate its accounts and harass opponents and journalists," they said, noting that Probrokoc is personally involved in this strategy of intimidation.

The second candidate is South Korean Kim Jong Yang, who has been acting president since the former president, Ming Hongwei, lost his hand in China last month. Beijing later informed Interpol that Ming resigned from his post after he was charged with accepting bribes.

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